8IGB community clothing is a skate lifestyle inspired apparel brand, based on graphic parodies and dual meaning slogans which often have a spicy twist and a sexual component coming from the gay world, very influenced by Matt Lambert’s photos. 8IGB community clothing was born in a small building at #8 of a little alley in the 18th district of Paris; 8IGB actually stands for 8 Impasse Grosse Bouteille. This building is the most utopian place ever seen, it’s where people live with open doors, where every neighbor is a best friend, where you never feel lonely, where you can paint,read or enjoy a beer together in the courtyard, where there is always an extra place for whom wants to join in. Our philosophy is, open doors, open hearts and open bar… 8IGB community clothing’s concept comes from the desire to give a very intimate and free dimension to clothes, with a certain love for bad taste mixed with a poetical and decadent view of life. Easy shapes for difficult prints. Bissoli Ruben is an Italian fashion/graphic designer. After he attended Istituto Marangoni Milano he moved to Paris to attend Studio Berçot. Finished his studies he soon worked for Balenciaga as designer assistant specialized in prints, t-shirts and knitwear. With 8IGB community clothing Ruben Bissoli wants to express a spicily ironic vision of life set free from "good taste" and strict society codes through simple cool-to-wear clothes, inspired by vintage sportswear, pop culture and skate-life.