Terms of Use

“WUT ONLINE” is a website name operated by H.P.FRANCE S.A. (the Company).
This is the Terms when The Company provide the Products (the Order) and the Sales Service (hereinafter the Service) on a shopping site (the "our store") inside of the Company website (the Company Site). Please read this Term before you sign up for our store.

Section 1: Eligible

1. This Term shall be applied between Member (defined in Article 2 paragraph 1) and our store when you use this service.

2. We aim to achieve the smooth operation of the service, the rules about the service we will post on our site (http://store.wutberlin.com) as occasion demands are part of the Terms and shall be configured.

Article 2: Registered Member

1. “Member” means, the person who accept the Term and conditions and apply for membership to our site in accordance with procedures prescribed membership and approved by the Company. Registration is complete when approved by the Company and the Service Agreement under the Terms of Use shall be established between the Company and members. Members can use our site, our store and our services in accordance with the Terms of use.

2. The person who wishes to register has to do registration process in accordance with methods designated by the Company from the Service registration page in person. We never accept the registration by any other party.

3. We could reject the registration or revoke the registration even if we accept once, if the person who has applied for registration in accordance with paragraph 1 applicable to the circumstances of any of the following causes.

  1. If the Company determines that there is a violation of the Term.
  2. If there is all or part of a false registration form provided to us, clerical error or omission.
  3. If the person has been suspended or revoked the registration of the service in the past
  4. In addition, if we judged it inappropriate to register

4. After registration in accordance with paragraph 1, if we find any reason to fall under the user listed above, the Company can revoke the approval. However, even if approval is revoked, the member will not be able to avoid the responsibility like the payment obligations that have already occurred by this service.

Article 3: Change notification issues

1. When changes occur on all or part of the content of registration information, the member shall notify the Company in the manner prescribed by our site immediately. If the member shall not notify the changes, proper operation of our information processing based on information already exists.

Article 4: Withdrawal of Membership

1. If you wish members withdrawal (cancellation of registration), the member procedure for member withdrawal in accordance with our site. The termination of the proceedings, membership withdrawal (cancellation of registration) will be done.

Article 5: Managing Your Information

1. We use the information obtained from a member (the Member Information) for the following purposes. The contract may be all or part of the handling of member information to contractors selected by our company to achieve these purposes.

  1. The manage of Members
  2. Newsletter published
  3. Shipping, and payment (defined in Article 14 Section 4) claims
  4. Customer support (contact support)
  5. Planning campaigns, surveys questionnaires
  6. To offer other content related this service

2. We do not disclose membership information disclosed in the registration process and change procedures to any third party without prior consent of the members. However we will disclose the information without prior consent of the members in the following cases.

  1. If the member consent to disclosure membership information
  2. If the information is processed into a member state can not identify a specific individual
  3. If the company will be asked to disclose member information in accordance with laws.,

3. Except preceding the above 2., we will be handled the information from the Member in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 6: Prohibited use of this service

1. Members can use the Service within a period effect that is registered, within the purposes of this Term without violation of Term.

2. Members shall not do the following action.

  1. Obscene acts
  2. Relating to criminal acts or acts in violation of law
  3. The actions to infringe or may infringe the Intellectual Property Rights (copyright, patent, utility model rights, trademark rights, meaning the right to apply for registration of those rights and other intellectual property rights and design rights The. hereinafter the same terms and conditions) of other members or the Company.
  4. The actions to infringe or may infringe the property, trust, privacy, infringement of right of publicity of other members or the Company
  5. The actions to discriminate, slander, or damaging the reputation or credibility to other members, or the Company
  6. The actions judged adverse to minor
  7. The actions to hamper the operation of the service
  8. The actions to use the Service for commercial purposes
  9. The Actions to advertise, act of sending e-mail without permission to other members, and act of sending e-mail that may or acts interfere with receiving mail other members, or chain shall act on request to transfer or request an act of forwarding an e-mail
  10. The actions impairs operations or activity with unauthorized access to facilities or the services facilities of other members
  11. Redistribute the content of our website or email without permission
  12. Any other acts deemed inappropriate by the Company

Article 7: Ownership of the rights

1. All intellectual property and ownership of this website and service belong to the Company and registration services provided in this Term is not property rights to use our intellectual license of our site and the service.

2. Members must not imitate, copy, modify the other actions to infringe on intellectual property rights belong to the Company.

Article 8: Withdrawal or revocation

1. We shall revoke the registration of the member if you are applicable to any of the following facts without prior notice or demand.

  1. If the Company received an offer of withdrawal from the member
  2. If the member violate any provision of this Term
  3. Members can not show a purchase history of 12 months from the date of last purchase
  4. If the member has dishonored check or draft, or other payments are suspended
  5. If the member received their petition filed like seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, auction, bankruptcy, civil rehabilitation, corporate consolidation and corporate reorganization, or if you have received a tax delinquent
  6. If the member is dissolved without merger
  7. If significant changes happen for each organization or business without notice to the Company
  8. If the member use a right of membership illegally
  9. If there are false facts on the member registration information
  10. If the member do interference the service management with any kind of way
  11. If there is any other breach of the delay in payment of debts and charges for this service
  12. Other, the Company decide you are inappropriate to continue our membership registration

2. If the registration is revoked, the member shall lose the benefit of time for any debt owed to us, and have to do immediate payment of debt once the full.

3. The Company has no responsibility for damage caused by the revocation to the members

Article 9: The communications equipment

1. Members, at your own risk and costs, shall retain control computer terminals communications equipment, communication lines and other facilities required to use our services

2. Members shall pay the fee required for communications lines using this service

Article 10: Password management, etc.

1. Members, at your own risk, shall keep and manage the registration ID and password the Company granted, and shall not make third parties use, lease, transfer, name change, sale, a mortgage, and so on

2. The damages to the member or the third party because of the member ID and password management poorly, a mistake in use by the member, or any third party use, all bear and responsibility goes to the member, the Company has no responsibility.

3. If membership ID or password is stolen or found to have used a third party, the member have to make immediately notify the Company and is subject to our instructions .

4. The Service made by the ID or password shall be deemed made by the member, the member shall pay for all payment obligations, and all other debts.

5. If the member makes damage to the Company or the third party with illegally using the member ID or password of third party, the Member shall compensate the damage to the Company and the third party

6. If you forgot your member ID or password, and agree in advance that this service may not be available. In addition, members from our membership ID or password for the inquiry in advance and agree in principle that you can not comply.

7. Members are aware of the risk of leakage associated with activities such as methods of payment do send credit card numbers when using this service, it shall do so under your own risk.

Article 11: Disclaimer

1. We are the Service (including information provided by the Company through this service.), By its completeness, accuracy, applicability, to do any warranty and availability purposiveness assumes. It also assumes no obligation and duty to investigate responsibility for them.

2. Company, unless intent or gross negligence that our use of this service, modify, discontinue, or a third party for damages caused by members suspend or terminate, any liability assumes. Also, if liable to the member by the Company, compensation of the Company in any case, shall be limited to the amount of money that purchased the member items to configure the source compensation the Company is otherwise you shall not bear any liability too.

Article 12: Service Change.

1. We will be able to do and modify or discontinue this service without the consent of its members. Even if its members or to discontinue the service what we assumes no responsibility.

Article 13: Pause termination of the Service

1. When we fall under any of the following items, and may terminate or suspend provision of all or part of this service without prior notice to members. Stop damage caused by such Member, the Company and shall not bear any responsibility.

  1. Periodic maintenance and repair of equipment for this service, or when emergency
  2. Fire, power outage, if unable to provide this service due to natural disaster or other force majeure
  3. In addition, if there is probable cause operational or technical and other services

Article 14: Purchase

1. Members are using this service, you can buy products from us.

2. Membership, if you wish to purchase, purchase and shall apply as set out in accordance with our site.

3. Apply to members of the Company received from members when they are ready to be recorded in the member's mail server to read e-mail to the effect that an application for product approval, and our membership Items pertaining to the individual sales contract between the applicant (the "Individual Agreement" herein) and shall be approved.

4. With a separate contract formation, we have delivered the goods specified time members of our membership fees (including VAT) and shipping and handling fee (hereinafter referred to as "price" referred to ) and payable in accordance with the methods prescribed in the following paragraph.

5. Notwithstanding the provisions if there is wrongdoing or improper conduct on the services available to our members, we each individual sales contract, cancel, cancel, to take other appropriate measures and shall be. Also, if there were obvious errors in our sales conditions presented on our website, we will be able to lift and separate contract.

6. Shipping goods by our domestic services (separate any areas that we determined) only.

7. Member, when you purchase information about the products we offer in our store, the contents of their membership application, this Agreement and the matters when we call attention to the membership application for membership products and shall determine the full.

Article 15: Payment

1. Members are paid by credit card held by the member, and shall pay such fees related to our products purchased by the service.

2. If you pay by credit card, subject to conditions and separate contract between the credit card company members. The case of a dispute between members and relevant third parties such as credit card companies, the parties shall be resolved in such a company and no responsibility at all.

Article 16: The return or exchange goods

1. If any one of the following items (if there are any latent defect in goods), members can return or exchange goods to us. However, we have for latent defects in product liability for all members to assume.

  1. You receive a different product and application products
  2. You receive a different quantity Registration Number
  3. The product was delivered dirt, scratches and other damage if there is any defect
  4. To determine if there is a hidden defect and our other products

2. Membership, if the conditions mentioned above (such as customer convenience) shall acknowledge in advance that you receive our return or exchange. Return or exchange the preceding paragraph, requires that all conditions with the following items.

  1. That is unused or returned items to be exchanged (if not with the tags, etc., and the unused permitted.)
  2. Accessories products attached article, back in time and deliver the bill
  3. Lingerie, underwear and hygiene products is not
  4. Special items such as non-sale items
  5. Other specified separately by the Company

Article 17: Ad

1. We are on our Web site may provide third-party ads. The accuracy of our ad content, and are not responsible for any warranty.

Article 18: External links

1. May be linked to other sites from our website or our services, the Company assumes no responsibility for the usefulness of the content of linked sites and their resources. In addition, the Company for damages caused by the use of these linked sites Member assumes no responsibility.

Article 19: Damages

1. Members, in violation of this Agreement by, or if damage to the Company related to the use of this service, the Company, and shall compensate the damage.

2. Related to the use of the Service by a Member, the Company received a request if any infringement by third parties for any other reason, the calculation with which the member's own responsibility and risk solving process, and shall not bear any responsibility for the company.

Article 20: Validity period

1. Use Agreement between the Company and members under this Agreement, Article 2 Section 1 for the member until the member registration is revoked from the date of registration is completed pursuant to the Company and shall remain in full force and effect between the member.

Article 21: Changes to the Terms

1. Our Terms and Conditions (Rules for posting on our site this service, including regulations. Here, as in this article.) And shall be free to modify, if necessary, the members in advance so and shall approve.

2. In case the Company changed the terms and conditions, all matters concerning the use of our site this service will be due to the changed terms.

3. We will modify this Agreement if, and how to notify the membership by posting on our website each time such changes, it shall enter into force at the time of the post.

Article 22: Notice to Members

1. Notice to Members, at the discretion of the Company and by any of the items below.

  1. Posting on our website: In this case, when it was published with the notice to members shall be completed.
  2. Send e-mail e-mail address registered members: In this case, when you have reached the address management server, and the completion notice to members.
  3. In addition, the Company deems appropriate method: In this case, we have specified on the notice if the notice is complete and for members.

Article 23: Jurisdiction Agreement

1. This Agreement and applicable law Japanese law.

2. Or related disputes caused by this service or this agreement, the exclusive agreement with the competent court of first instance the Tokyo District Court.