Tata Christiane is a fashion and costume label founded in 2007 by Julie Bourgeois and Hanri Gabriel. Combining the theatrics of their work for the theatre and their innovation in fashion design, Tata Christiane creates collections that realise fantasy. What is brought to the stage is brought to life in a wearable, extravagant fashion. Tata Christiane likes to involve all artistic fields in their work to create multidisciplinary material; to be worn, seen, felt. Tata Christiane proposes an absurd and disturbing vision of beauty, with decline, maladjustment, extravagance and immoderation. Being neither a concept nor a futuristic vision of society, it plays with the borders of elegance and bad taste, digging up our old memories, recycling the waste of our civilisation and becoming a monomania, a machination and a monstrous and sublime unique piece. Tata Christiane could have been a punk, if she was not also an ambiguous queen, a one-eyed flautist, a Gypsy woman and a street child.